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    Hawkins and Associates Realty, Inc
Terry Fry, Fry's Kettle Corn 
Miller Dao, SV Gourmet 
Jackie Bell, Jackie's Place Charities
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Pat Doherty
    Windows & Doors of Greater Tucson
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This Democrat supports and appreciates authentic community Leaders.


People of all parties support Jeff because he has successfully represented them for more than 8 years as an elected official to the School Board, where he has served alongside Republicans and Democrats; chosen by his peers again and again to serve as President because he is a visionary who knows how to bring people together for the good of the whole community.
Mark Finchem
     AZ House Representative
Brett Roberts
     AZ House Representative
TJ Shope
     AZ House Representative
Frank Pratt
     AZ State Senator
Vince Leach 
    AZ State Senator
Steve Smith
    Former AZ State Senator
Richard Hudgins
    Golder Ranch Fire District Board Vice Chair
Steve Brown
    Oracle School District Governing Board
Jeri Taylor
    Oracle School District Governing Board
Earl Goodwin
     Former CA County Administrator & AZ City Mayor

I served Pinal County for twenty-five years and retired as a department director.  For the past six years I have served with our Oracle School Board President, Jeff McClure.  Although Jeff and I have different political platforms, it has not affected my deep admiration for his commitment and accomplishments. 


Jeff has been instrumental in securing our bond to provide funding for some critically needed building and classroom improvements and additions.  He has helped lead us in numerous projects that are so very important for our staff, students and community.  His knowledge, commitment, leadership and ability to work with a diverse team has been incomparable.  I believe that no matter what position he holds, he will always work unselfishly for all.


Steve Brown, Oracle, AZ       

Dennis Blauser
     Past School District Superintendent
Kirk & Jan Fiehler
Marty & Brenda Hermanson
Phil Serlin
Jim Hill
Camilo Gotay
Linda Bradner
Raymond & Frances Carrlyle
Gary Terrell
Ken Robinson
Kenneth Parsons
David & Brenda Newitter
Mort & Ruth Fell
Brad & Rebecca Luczyk
Kevin and Lori-Jan Loewe
Rob and Carolynn Cannon
Scott & Paula Starker
Lew Sanders
Arizona Free Enterprise Club
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