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Get Involved

Here is an opportunity to do something

to impact your community! 

Have a Voice in Pinal County's Future!

McClure Yard Sign
  • Invite me to speak at your next club meeting.

  • Host a gathering of friends and neighbors at your home, or on Zoom.

  • Let me know about events in your community where I may set up an information table.

  • Request a yard sign. We will deliver.

Introduce Me
  • Distribute information flyers. This happens all year, but is especially critical during the election seasons.

  • Research issues in Pinal County.

  • Help with Social Media or work on the campaign in other administrative ways.

Be A Volunteer

Click the button above to invest

in the future of Pinal County!


Click above to send me a message

about opportunities to meet you,

and your friends and neighbors!

We can meet in person, or through Zoom.

Request a Yard Sign We Deliver!

Thank you to all who help collect

signatures. We appreciate your time and

energy; and cannot do it without you!

Click above to let me know

how you might like to help the campaign.

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