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Get in touch with me through
the Contact tab above and I will be happy to email you a petition form
you can use to gather your neighbors' signatures; or, click (and share) the
clipboard on the right, to sign my online
Candidate Nomination Petition
the AZ Secretary of State website. 

Thank you!

McClure Ballot Petition Icon.png
See info at the bottom of this page with regard to E-QUAL online petition signing.
Jeff's petition may only be signed  by voters registered as Republican, Independent,
or Party Not Declared.

All three groups are allowed to vote in the AZ Primary. All you need to do is request a Republican ballot from the elections office if not already registered as a Republican. 

Click here for details and FAQs 
Refer to the sixth bullet point.


What to Expect on E-QUAL

First you will be asked to provide basic information to prove you are a registered voter.

Your Driver's License is an easy option to use. The following page will ask you to verify your address.

After that you will be sent to a list of candidates seeking signatures on their petitions, for the races eligible in your voting districts. These electronic signatures will be added to the paper petitions candidates have been collecting since they declared their intent to run for office. 

You can sign Jeff McClure's petition if you have not yet signed one of his paper petitions; and may also sign petitions for others running for office in the July Primary and November General Election.

The list begins with Federal Races; so you will need to scroll through State, and down to County Races.

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